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Ourgate Productions offer system control, SCADA & data management development. As an RDM approved sytem partner we are able to develop a leading edge strategy for your process control or SCADA application. Data management, system monitoring, system control over TCP/IP (over the Internet) is standard with all of our solutions. Now you can override, change control parameters, analogue settings on your application from anywhere in the world using just an Internet browser connected to the WWW. The system can be configured to send an email to a system manager in the event a system alarm is raised. Real time monitoring and remote control from any standard PC anywhere on the planet.

Data can be collated from a number of sources, including: thermocouples, pressure transducers, energy meters,flow sensors,liquid level sensors etc. The connection can be either hard wired or sent over ZigBee(tm) wireless network, or networked over TCP/IP. We write custom software to control your application, we can then assign various parameters to be available remotely to any user who is authorised to log into the system and has the current password. Data can then be monitored and controlled in real time over TCP/IP via the Internet using a standard web browser.

The control strategy will be optimised to save energy and this will be relected in reduced energy bills and lower C02 emissions. The system can be used in conjunction with other energy efficient products to develop a system that meets the criteria for the UK Gonvernments Energy Capital Allowance scheme (ECA) here a company may offset the installation costs of certain ECA eligible energy efficient products and systems against their corporate tax bill.